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Hello!! Do you have the video of a7x and Mcr together? I've been looking for it forever!! Thanks!

[Gifset being referred to] Yeah, dude. I’ve already posted about it before, but I don’t expect you to have tried looking for it. Here it is.

That's really cool actually! I saw them 2 years ago and man that concert was really great! It really does suck that you don't hear from them as much I feel like they are really sick and their music is brilliant. It's great to see someone who likes Alesana though!

Same. ^__^ I post about them from time to time, but it’d be nice to have more content to actually post about.

Man I'm so happy you like Alesana they are my favorite band!

Sweet! Yeah, I’ve loved them for years, but you don’t really hear much about them. I actually saw them last year, and it was one of the best shows I’ve been to! I’m craving for a new show. I really want them to be touring soon. >.<

just put your heart into it.
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is he in AA?


I’m not actually sure what recovery he’s in. I think people in AA get those sorts of tokens, but I’m not sure about others. 
If anyone else knows a bit more about it, please let us know?

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I’m fucking proud of Him.
Let’s all just be proud of him.
He deserves that, just for once. 
We have stood by Gerard for ten years, it’s about time we all treated Mikey the same way.
Leave mistakes in the past and focus on the better things such as things.
Congrats you amazing dork.