I’ve been tagged by both Sophie and killiero to do the music shuffle game! Thanks, Lovelies (I don’t check my tag much whoops). 
The rules are as follows: “Hit shuffle on your iPod, media player, or phone and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass it on to 10 people. No Skipping!”
1. Let’s Kill Tonight - Panic! At The Disco
2. Action Cat - Gerard Way
3. Shockwave - Black Tide
4. Here We Are - Breaking Benjamin 
5. I Am Going To Kil- …….etc. - Leathermouth
6. Drunk Tank #36 - Rooster Teeth Staff (uh, whoops, that’s a Podcast)
7. Odds Are - Barenaked Ladies
8. Hand In Hand - Kingdom Hearts II Soundtrack
9. Coast (It’s Gonna Get Better) - Patrick Stump
10. Nero’s Decay - Alesana
I’d like to tag: jetblackjjune, stumpsuitehearts, zombgeeiereos, and …uhh. Who else do I know/am not too intimidated to tag? Either way, if you’re reading this then consider yourself tagged~



Okay okay, I’m done. There’s not much to be gifed that others won’t do/haven’t already done. Need to sleep anyway.


rcvenge replied to your post: rcvenge replied to your post:I’d like …

Hehe cutie pie! I had to go to dinner in the middle of giffing! I think the blurryness was on purpose to add to the 80s(70s?) vibe, but still!*Puts hands on hips and glares at Gerard* Agreed! I love it! Unexpectedly goes perfectly with his new sound!

Dinner could wait! New video!!1!11
I figured as much. And it’s alright- he’s only new to Tumblr. He’ll learn how much clear videos mean to us. >___>
This makes me really curious about how his life performances will go. Like, touring and stuff. He can wear the suit all the time though- I won’t mind.


[I was totally wondering when you’d show up. I was afraid you’d miss this! I was contemplating texting you, even] Dude, this video pains me. The vid can’t get a higher quality, but everything is still blurry! Gerard, whyyyyyy?? Interesting vid, though. Very… Gerard. I’ll roll with it.

I’d like to note here: That video is really hard to gif. Just sayin’. Make it easier on us gif-makers next time.

omg bless you i wouldnt have even known that No Shows video was released without your blog omg

Oh man, Justyne. I had my shoes on, my bag ready… I just wanted to refresh my dash one last time before I left. That was a mistake. BAM GOTTA GIF THIS.

I feel like it’s a reasonable enough price though, $20 (or 10 for CD) for the vinyl and $20 for the shirt. Shipping is another story though, ah the joys of being Australian.

Was there a choice to make the purchase without the shirt though? Or should I have waited for a better opportunity? (Though I wanted the free buttons anyway…)