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"I was being a huge cutie"

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You two are so sweet!  ^w^

"So what did you do on the mid-semester break?" 


[ - Hello friends and welcome to my 5k follower promo!! Otherwise known as the what-in-the-actual-heck-i-never-thought-id-reach-this-goal-ever-oh-my-god-wow promo! - ]

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God damn it. This is the comment on all of the recent reblogs of my gif. I hate it when this happens. 

Ray Toro Appreciation Post.
~ Requested by letthelonersfade.

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Heck yeah! As you read before this is my first botm/promo thing. Im doing this because i finally reached 5k followers (like a month ago, but im lazy, so…) *ballons & confetti* I hope you guys can join me in this sort of adventure, maybe?? (laughs, whaaat?)

→Dont remove the text. Danke schön.

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Blogs that look a bit like mine. It can be fandom or bandom, also anything in between. Clean themes. Nice posts. Awesome people. Have you accepted Frank Iero as your lord and saviour? Yes! Extra points for you. 
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Okay, so ever since this phenomenal duo went on tour as openers with Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco for their arena tour last year, there’s been a HUGE spike in their fan base online and at shows. Which is totally awesome!!! And absolutely just the kind of attention these guys need, as this project’s only a couple years old and is still gaining momentum. But as with any great band, it’s kind of hard knowing where to start and how to get into them. So I decided to hopefully make that easier for you guys by putting together this super mega masterpost on everything twenty one pilots! And hopefully this can also be a great reference post for old fans as well. Enjoy!

Getting To Know Them:


  • No Phun Intended (unknown) – Tyler’s first musical project, before the creation of the band. Self-recorded.
  • Twenty One Pilots (2009) – Twenty One Pilot’s first album, recorded before Josh joined the band. Tyler had been backed by high-school friends, bassist Nick Thomas and drummer Chris Salih. Independently recorded and distributed.
  • Regional At Best (2011) – Twenty One Pilot’s first release featuring the new lineup of only Joseph and Dun. Briefly features Tyler’s brother, Zack Joseph, on one of the tracks. Independently recorded and distributed.
  • Vessel (2013) – Their first major-label release, after they were signed to Fueled By Ramen, alongside tour-mates such as Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, and Paramore. Produced by Greg Wells, whose most notable work includes Adele and Katy Perry.

Music Videos:

Acoustic Sessions:

Live Performances:

Extras & Exclusives:

Interviews (Videos):

Interviews (Transcripts):

Other Important Links:

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Cover image: [x]

With a lot of new people in the skeleton clique, I think this is appropriate to bring back.

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You’ll enjoy it AFTER.. Now that I work and hate my life uni was aaaawesome

Oh no, that’s what I’m thinking about high school. It sucked but I miss it because this is worse, study-wise. =/ Can’t win, can you?

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Do people actually enjoy going to university or is that just a myth?